Full Version: Rare Carsets
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While searching through very old pages on Wayback Machine I discovered some carsets that were still archived and could be downloaded. A few of these are extremely nice quality and not available on other sites like IWCCCARS that still exist (link).

Does anyone else out there have some of these files backed up? I know there were many interesting cars/carsets painted for Nascar 1 and 2 back in the day and they are very hard if not impossible to track down. It may be nice to compile them somewhere.

New 94, 95 and 96 carsets from 'Goetz' originally from simcyberworld before they removed the Nascar 1 section

Also included is a 1988 carset which I had never seen before. Not as nice quality but still nice to have the year covered.

Has anyone backed up the 'thunder' (Days of Thunder) set from this site? I cannot generate a working link through the wayback machine either at nnracing or nascarnet (as the site used to be called).
The 1988 carset is really good, but the numbers are switched. I was going to do the 1988 NASCAR season in N1, but I am doing the 1989 season instead. But, nice to have the carset anyways. Thanks.