Full Version: Indianapolis 500 - 33 cars Windows 10. DOSBox Emulator 0,74
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Hello all. I use IndyCar Racing 2 with a DOSBox 0.74 emulator on Windows 10. Everything works, I love cars from 1991 and 1992 and the Indy 500 race with the track from before 1993. I have a problem. How do you make 33 cars instead of 32 in the Indy 500 race game? 1992 carset has 33 cars and yet I can not set it .... according to tradition, 33 cars should start in Indy 500 ....
Thank you very much for your help! Unfortunately, the application does not start on Windows 10 ..... How do I run it? I copied it to the game folder ....... It shows a message that this application does not work on Windows 10 ..... should I run it with a DOSBox emulator?
Very likely you’d have to run it in DOSBox, yes.