Full Version: ICR2 as a dedicated IMS sim
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Hello everyone!

It's been thirty years of Papyrus so far. I've putting down hundreds of laps in their first sim, Indy 500 - the simulation, and ICR1 throughout the month of May in celebration.

I'm curious what the best Indy related stuff is for ICR2 to try and create an updated version for the sim since Papyrus never published an official version. I think there are multiple versions of the track itself and assorted carsets around the forum. Also, isn't there some way to increase the car count from 32 to 33?

I hope everyone else is having a great month!
I remember i had a great version of the indianapolis speedway for icr2 a couple years ago, but since i,ve changed my rig i lost it. Brings me back a lot of memories..used to run 100% race length.
For getting 32-38 opponents in the game:

Here is the the SETOPTNS utitity; it works on 32-bit systems (I have a workaround for my 64-bit machine). Make sure you have the desired opposition strength set up in the game *before* you use this utility to increase the number of opponents.

you need to save it in your game's directory where the "GAMEOPTS.CFG" file is saved (this is the the default directory where WINDY.EXE or CART.EXE is found)
Neat, thanks! Good thing I keep my old XP machine close by. I can always just transfer files around.

Too bad there isn't a better to include bumping. I suppose it's easy enough to change people around in their carset position though.
Also, check out the tracks Pavel made. It includes an updated Indy with correct banking (the converted N3 tracks have way too much banking). It will make your racing much harder.