Setup Packs for ICR2

When you could use some extra speed or just a decent setup to ruin a race, you can use the setups in these setup packs as a very decent base.

Dann Murillo Setup Pack
Author: Dann Murillo and others

A set of setups that was sent to me by a well known name from the ICR2 history, a very fast driver called Dann Murillo. Take a look at the Records page right here on CRHQ to see exactly how fast he is. This package contains setups of several drivers, including Dann Murillo himself and some of his racing buddies at the time. There are some really fast setups in this pack so be sure to check them out if you can not seem to find enough speed yourself.

Tjerk de Heer Setup Pack
Author: Tjerk de Heer

My collection of setups that I made for my own races in the IIRS in the past 3 years or so. Because I am not the most naturally gifted racer you will find my setups are based on stability first and foremost, especially the race setups. Although they are not the fastest they are certainly not slow either and several races have been won with them, especially on the oval series. They are all sets of Qualifiying and Race setups for the same track and there are some tracks that have multiple sets for the different seasons they were used.

SimCyberWorld Setup Pack
Author: Various people

This is a collection of setups that were hosted on SimCyberWorld. They are of various racers of long ago.

Mark Anton Setup Pack
Author: Mark Anton

This is a collection of setups created by Mark Anton and first shared on SimCyberWorld.